Friday, August 6, 2010

Homemade string hoppers

Homemade  String Hoppers

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  600 g steamed flour
  3- tea spoon salt [to taste]
  550 ml boiling water


In a steamer steam a plain flour,about 30 minutes gas, cooker[ 45 m fire woods] when cool break up and sift.[once-twice]
 steam flour available  food shop and super market.Put flour and salt in to a bowl and  slowly  add  water. Mix quickly  in to a pliable dough.                                                                                                                                                   
put a little of the dough in to string hopper mould  and squeeze the mixture on to a string hopper mat in a circular fashion.
Place 5-10 mats in a steamer and steam over pan boiling  water for about 5 minutes. string hoppers are cooked remove from the mats and place on a dish.
serve hot with curries.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Stella, Your blog looks good! For this recipe you are steaming the flour. Why that? I know people sieve the flour after they sieve it. Why do they do that?
Have a great day. Jenny

Jenny said...

Hi Stella
Nice blog you have.. Why do you steam and sieve the flour? What is it good for? Thanks for your reply. Kind regards, Jenny

stella's recipe said...

Dear Jenny
Very important questions you asked me.
Remove any lumps that present in the flour that's caused by moisture.
Remove impurities is greatly reduced.
[ Difficult to squeeze string hopper mould]
Sieve the flour to make sure there are no granules[very easy to squeeze]